Trigger an action or go to a website when pressed

What is the Button field?

It's a button that is connected to a no-code automation, so you can create an action for it to trigger like: Click on the button and send an email or click on the button and go to a website.

How to create a button field

To create a Button field:

  • On table mode, click on the last table header with a "+" or press (F).
  • Just look for the "Button" option and click on it
  • Choose the name of your field;
  • Select an action
  • Choose the button label and select a color
  • If you selected automation, press the blue button and create a no-code action to be activated every time the button is clicked.

Common use cases

The Button field lets you choose a trick to run when the button is activated.

For example:

  • In a “Sales” flow, it can be used to quickly discard a deal when you click the button that has a trick that moves to the ”Discarded” stage.
  • You can set a Gmail Trick(no-code automation), to when you click the button, send an automatic email to a lead