Bring your Gantt view to your App


Bring your Gantt view to your App


How to create a Gantt block in Jestor?

To create an Gantt component:

  • Go to the app you've created and click on the "+" button or press (F) and this will open the component creation page
  • Type the name of your new block (ex: Gantt view)
  • Select the table in which the block will pull the data;
  • Select the date range field previously created in this table;
  • For Gantt color, select the single select field that will be used to color the gantt bars;
  • Click on the "Enable side table" switch button to select fields you want to visualize on the left side of your Gantt chart beyond the label field;
  • Add a filter(Optional);
  • Sort by(optional).

Click on create