Create custom to-do lists for each record

What is the Todo List field?

It's a field where you can create a to-dos list to track the progress of your work. That way you can always be up to date on how your team is progressing.

You can:

  • Add activities and track their progress with intuitive charts.
  • Replicate to-do lists for all records automatically.
  • Add as many different to-do lists as you want.
  • Create custom to-do lists for each record.

How to create

To create a Todo List field:

  • On table mode, go to the last table header with a "+"
  • Just look for the "Todo List" option and click on it
  • Choose the name of your field and if it's required
  • Select the option “Repeat the same checklist" if you want to Replicate the to-do lists for all records automatically. If not, you can just let it unchecked and create individual to-do lists for each record## Common use cases

The Todo List field is useful for creating a list to a record with multiple checkboxes. This field shows, in percentage, the progress of checked items:

For example:

  • In a “Project Management” table, it can be used to create a list with tasks for each step of the project development. The field shows the percentage of completion of the list and helps track the progress of the development.