When a New Response is Received in Typeform

Conditional forms are a great way to gather internal and external data, so with the trigger “When a new response is received in Typeform”, you can select any action to occur as soon as someone submits a form.


Trigger -> Action

The most important thing about a trick is understanding its conditions and actions. They have a simple generic structure:

When the condition (trigger) happens, then do (action).
Trigger -> Action

How to create

First, go to Typeform and create a new form with all the information you’ll need and then create a table in Jestor matching the fields with the form.

Now you just have to click on the "+ Automations" icon on the upper right corner of the screen to open the No code automations panel, and then on the "+ Create new automation" button:

Select the "When a new response is received in Typeform:

Connect your Typeform account and select the form you’ve created in the “Choose the form” dropdown field. Save this and choose an action.

For example: the “Jestor – Create a new record” action. Select the table and match the information coming from the form to the fields in the list.

Now, every time someone submits the form, the information will be automatically sent to Jestor and a new record will be created in the chosen table.