List View and Record Update

Select records to take action

What is the list view and record update component

A component to organize and update records in a list for a better mobile and desktop experience.

For example, you can:

  • Filter displayed items. Ex: only tickets with "urgent" status.
  • Update records or make them read-only.
  • Customize the previewed information.

How to create

To create a ListView and Record Update component:

  • Go to the app(dashboard) you've created and click on the "+"
  • Just look for the "List View and Record Update" option and click on it
  • Select the table you want to be shown in the list
  • Optionally, you can choose how the list will be sorted by
  • Once selected the table a "+ Add field button" will appear on the list fields section for you to select which fields will be visible on the first page of the list
  • If you want to lock the list to not be editable, just click on the Read-only button to activate it
  • Optionally, you can add filters to your list and only the fields that contain the conditions you defined will be shown. You can add more than one filter.
  • Optionally, you can type a title and description for your list component. It'll be on the top of the component
  • Select which fields will be visible when you click on a record directly from the list. It's like when you access a record on a table for you to edit data but with only predefined fields