Pie chart

Measure the proportion of each variable against the total


What is the pie chart component?

Pie charts are used to represent the proportional data or relative data in a single chart. The concept of pie slices is used to show the percentage of particular data from the whole pie


How to create?

To create a Pie chart component:

  • Go to the dashboard you've created and click on the "+" button or press (F) and this will open the component creation page
  • Just look for the "Pie chart" option and click on it

  • Choose the name of your component

  • And then on the following items:

        1. Select a table with the variables you need 
        2. Define the axes of the graph:
            2.1 Choose the subtitle;
            2.2 Add a vertical label;
        3. Define the analyzed interval:
            3.1 Choose the reference date for the variable;
            3.2 Choose the period analyzed;
        4. Add a condition filters (optional).

Once you're done configuring the chart, you can pass the mouse over the pie chart to get more information about the underlying data


You can delete or edit by clicking on the edit option icon in the upper right corner of the app and choosing one of the options