Current user

Getting the current user's values

When current user's values may be relevant

Sometimes, you may want to use information from the user who triggered an automation. For example, you may want to assign a task to the user who moved a card in a kanban. Similarly, you may want to send an e-mail to them, or use their name in a notification.

Fortunately, Jestor allows you to use this information with an easy to use function.

Using the function current_user()

To retrieve the user's information, all you have to do is use the current_user function, just as you would use any other value in an automation.


If used without any parameter, this will be substituted with the user's id. The user's id can be used to assign a record to them in a user field, tag them in a comment/chat, or put them as owner of a specific task.

If, however, you need other information such as email or name, you can use parameters inside this function to retrieve this specific data.

For example, the snippet below will retrieve the user's email address.