Write comments, descriptions, drafts, long remarks and more


What is the text field?

It's a field where you can put short, long or rich text information and write complete documents using rich text functions such as bullet-points, links, code blocks, quotes, and more!


How to create a text field

To create a Long text field:

  • On table mode, go to the last table header with a "+", press (F) or click on the "+" on the upper right and this will open the field creation page
  • Just look for the "Text" option and click on it
  • Choose the name of your field and if it's required
  • Select the format of your text

And click on Save



You can delete or edit by clicking on the table header name and choosing one of the options

Common use cases

Format: Short text

Short text field usually is used for saving short information:

  • In a “Clients” table, Short text field can be used to save the ID of each client.

Format: Long text

Long text field can be used to save a more detailed information:

  • In a “Clients” table, it can be used to save the address of a client.
  • In a “Sales flow, the Long text field can save additional information or comments about a sale.

Format: Rich text

Rich text field can be used to create a customized text:

  • In a “Products” table, it can be used to save a customizable quote for a specific product.