Create Financial Records from searched records

Search for records due today or in the past and generate child records.


With the action “Create Financial Records from searched records”, you can search for records due today or in the past and generate child records. automatically when the chosen trigger is activated.


Trigger -> Action

The most important thing about a trick is understanding its conditions and actions. They have a simple generic structure:

When the condition (trigger) happens, then do (action).
Trigger -> Action

How to create

You just have to click on the "+ Automations" icon on the upper right corner of the screen to open the No code automations panel, and then on the "+ Create new automation" button:


Select the trigger of your choice to activate the action, then select the "Create Financial Records from searched records" action, and fill in the options:

  • Choose the table:
    • Choose the table to search the records in
  • Choose the date field:
    • Choose the field containing the next charge date
  • Choose the table to create the records:
    • Choose the table where the records will be created
  • Select due date field:
    • Due date will be considered equal to the date field above
  • Select Connection Field:
    • Select the field that will receive the id of the original record
  • Set Conditions:
    • Write optional filters for the records that will generate new records (such as status = "Active"). You should use the API name of the fields, which are visible in the Development area

Click on save