Apps and App Pages

All information that you need at a glance.

What's an App?

Apps are a group of components. Components can be charts, indicators, calendar views, or even buttons to facilitate your navigation at jestor. They are really useful to track the progress of your company or to remind you of your tasks and events.

There are many types of components that you can choose from. Each one of them is completely customizable. The dashboard can be personalized as well, allowing you to move components in different positions.

Why apps are useful?

There are many applications to Apps, here are some popular uses:

  • Data Analytics: Mesure and track all the data of jestor and different sources. Transform big data (or any data) into actions.

  • Personal Use: Aggregate all the data that's relevant to your job in a single place. Lots of our users have something like "My dash". They have all the information filtered by their id or with relevant information (even personal tasks like "take the dog to the doctor") to run your day more efficiently.

  • Tasks Management: Access real-time data about the overall status of your product and update it straight from the dashboard.