Simple indicator

Track the main data and goals with big numbers


What is the simple indicator component?

It's an indicator widget that helps you to track data and goals with view in large numbers using sums, average, maximum value, number of records in a time interval. You can use for infos like how much did you sell this month? How many users i have?


How to create?

To create a Simple indicator component:

  • Go to the dashboard you've created and click on the "+" button or press (F) and this will open the component creation page
  • Just look for the "Simple indicator" option and click on it

  • Choose the name of your component

  • And then on the following items:

        1. Choose the table that you want to analyze;
        2. Select the analyzed variable;
        3. Define the operation for this indicator;
        4. Define the analyzed time interval:
            4.1 And choose the period analyzed;
        5. Add a condition filters (optional).


You can delete or edit by clicking on the edit option icon in the upper right corner of the app and choosing one of the options