Simple indicator

Track the main data and goals with big numbers

What is the simple indicator component?

It's an indicator widget that helps you to track data and goals with a view in large numbers using sums, average, maximum value, and number of records in a time interval. You can use it for information like how much did you sell this month? How many users do I have?

How to create?

To create a Simple indicator component:

  • Go to the dashboard you've created and click on the "+"

  • Just look for the "Simple indicator" option and click on it

  • Choose the name of your component

  • And then on the following items:

        1. Choose the table that you want to analyze;
        2. Select the analyzed variable;
        3. Define the operation for this indicator;
        4. Define the analyzed time interval:
            4.1 And choose the period analyzed;
        5. Add a condition filters (optional).