Connector - Import data

Import data using Google Spreadsheet, Excel and Csv

Create table and upload data in one fell swoop

If you already have copious amounts of data, it can take quite a bit of time to create a table with all the fields required to take in that information, as well as manually creating each row through the interface.

To help you get started and moving fast, jestor allows you to create tables from other platforms like Google Spreadsheets, setting up field types and uploading data with just a few clicks. Just make sure data is organized and set the field types before importing: we take care of the rest.



One Action

We understand that sometimes you may have a lot of legacy data and that just uploading it would probably put you in a usage tier that doesn't reflect your daily operation. To help you settle things down inside jestor without worries, importing data through the feature below will only count as one single action.