Hide Fields

With the trigger “Hide fields”, you can hide fields based on set conditions in the chosen table.


Trigger -> Action

The most important thing about a trick is understanding its conditions and actions. They have a simple generic structure:

When the condition (trigger) happens, then do (action).
Trigger -> Action

In the case of the Hide Fields trigger, it does both.

How to create

You just have to click on the "+ Automations" icon on the up right side of the screen to open the Tricks panel, and then on the "+ Create new trick" button:

Select the "Hide Fields" trigger and fill in the options:

  • Choose the table in which you want to trigger this trick
  • Select the fields to hide, here you can select as many fields you need
  • Set the conditions for the fields to be hidden:
    1. Choose the field
    2. Select the operator, such as "Equals", "Contains", "Greater Than", "Less Than", "Not Equals"
    3. Set the value

For Example: When the amount field has a value equals to "15", the selected fields will be hidden.

  • Add Group

Add as many groups with conditions you need