Attach multiples files, pictures, videos or any type of media you want.

What is the files field?

Add different files formats like video, pdf, and images to the same record and keep track of who/when it was uploaded.

  • Picture and Video preview.
  • Files management for each record.
  • Upload information.

With this field you can make your tab turn into a Dropbox, Google Drive and attach all your documents in a single field

How to create a Files field

To create an Attachments field:

  • On table mode, go to the last table header with a "+", press (F) or click on the + on the upper right and this will open the field creation page
  • Just look for the "Files" option and click on it
  • Choose the name of your field and if it's required


You can delete or edit by clicking on the table header name and choosing one of the options

Common use cases

It's really like a Drive, Dropbox. A good field to use when you need to attach documents like an admission signed contract, your invoices or receipts, all your documents

It is helpful to save multiplies files

For example:

  • In a “Bug Tracker” flow, “Files” field serves as a storage for videos and pictures for tracking a bug.