Jestor notifications are a handy way of knowing when things happen inside Jestor. They will keep you up to date on the creation and progression of tasks, but can also be customized to be triggered by any event by using tricks.

Notifications for tasks

Every task created in Jestor generates a notification for its receivers and followers. Those same users will also be notified when the task is completed.

Custom notifications via Tricks

In Jestor you can use Tricks to configure tasks to be automatically sent when given events happen. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the table that will originate the notifications and click on the Tricks icon.
  • Set up the trigger for the notification. That is, the conditions that, when met, will send the notification.
  • Choose Jestor - Send Notification and fill in the fields with the notification’s title, main message and id of the user who’ll receive it. Remember this information can be fixed or use data fields for dynamic texts.

And there you go! Now, whenever this trick is triggered, the set user will receive this notification. Not only will it be on the dedicated For You area, but they’ll receive push notifications wherever they have the Jestor app installed.