Access Users and White Label

Connect with your clients and partners in an easy way.


What's an Access User?

Access user is a different type of user that allows more brand personalization (white label) for people outside your organization like clients, suppliers and partners. It's an easy way to build portals, logged areas or a personalized system to a specific niche market. You can collect and organize lots of data in a more professional and technological way, replacing emails, spreadsheets or written annotations.

Access users will only have access to the information, dashboards, apps or tables that you share with them. They don't have the power to edit the structure that you share with them, but they are free to input data where you allow them to.


It's a feature available from the Scale plan

What's the difference between jestor and "jestor white label"?

You can choose the color of the superior bars and also place your logo in the center of jestor's app, minimizing the jestor logo for desktop and only having your logo for the mobile version.