Token Login

Let users login with a simple click

Log in through a token parameter

There may be cases in which you may find appropriate to provide users with a simple way to log in to your Jestor account without having to perform the usual log in steps.

For example, you may want to provide clients with a user to your account, but want them to be automatically logged in as soon as they click on a link you send to them.

It's possible to do that through a token parameter in the URL. By using the following parameter with a user token, whoever click on the link will be automatically logged in as the specified user.


This is also valid if you're embedding a Jestor table or app as an iframe in other platforms. This means you can have users logged into Jestor without having to leave your app or website! Do note that you'll need to change the URL dynamically on your end if it's necessary to change the user depending on context.