Jestor Basics

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What’s Jestor?

In this video, I introduce Jestor, a no-code platform that allows non-tech founders to create various internal tools, including workflows, forms, combos, apps, dashboards, tables, and databases. I explain how Jestor eliminates the need for coding and enables easy customization of colors, blocks, and forms. Watch this video to learn how Jestor can streamline your internal tool creation process without any coding skills required.

Who is Jestor for?

I introduce Jestor, a no-code platform designed for non-tech founders and operation teams. With Jestor, you can build powerful solutions without needing to learn how to code. I explain how Jestor offers customization, speed, and freedom to mold your system according to your company's needs. Watch the video to learn more about how Jestor can help you build something meaningful.

Understanding the Difference Between Builders and Members

In this video, I explain the difference between builders and members of our organization. Builders can build and edit structures, while members can use the information within Jestor. I demonstrate how to recognize a builder, the tools available in builder mode, and the limitations of members. I also highlight the importance of adding navigation between apps for better organization. Watch the video to gain a clear understanding of the roles and capabilities of builders and members.

Jestor main structures: the difference between apps, app pages, and tables.

In this video, I explain the three main structures on Jestor: apps, app pages, and tables. I discuss how apps are the final solution with navigation, app pages compose apps, and tables are where data is saved. I highlight the differences between them and emphasize the benefits of using apps and app pages over tables. I also touch on the navigation systems and how to create apps, app pages, and tables. Watch the video to gain a clear understanding of the structures on Jestor.

Where to start? Building Your First App

In this video, I walk you through the process of building your first app from scratch using a form as a starting point. I explain the importance of understanding the problem you want to solve and how starting with a blank page can help you visualize your data and optimize your app. I demonstrate how to create fields in a form, add data, and even incorporate charts and filters. By the end of this video, you'll have a basic understanding of how to brainstorm and build your app.

How to Add a Contextual Form for Every Process

In this video, I demonstrate the power of Contextual Forms in Jestor. I explain how Contextual Forms allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of forms based on different stages or situations. I walk you through the process of creating a new form and connecting it to your smart combat. I also show you how to create a form for onboarding and updating information, and how to add conditional sections and form blocks. Watch this video to learn how to leverage Contextual Forms to enhance your Jestor experience.

Ways to Get Support from Jestor

In this video, I discuss the various ways you can get support from Jestor. I cover accessing our documentation and YouTube channel for step-by-step processes and information on new features. Additionally, I explain how to submit a support request via email, which automatically generates a card for our team. Lastly, I highlight our co-creation hours, where you can schedule a meeting with one of our builders to collaborate on building processes and learn more about features.

Will Jestor always be changing? Yes!

In this video, I discuss how Jestor, our platform, is constantly evolving and improving. I highlight the importance of staying updated with our changelog, where you can find all the latest updates and improvements. With new tools, functions, automations, and features being added regularly, it's crucial to keep up with the changes to make the most out of Jestor. Watch this video to learn more about the significance of our changelog and how it can benefit you.