Jestor Advanced

Recommended only for Builders

How to Create a No-Code Automation.

In this video, I demonstrate how to create simple automation using Jester, which has over 200 native automations and allows for integrations with tools like Zapier. I start by showing the basic structure of creating an automation and different ways to start one. Then, I walk through an example of creating a restart automation using a switch in a table. The automation changes the stage of a record to "new" when the switch is turned on. This video provides a step-by-step process for creating automations and highlights the flexibility of Jestor.

Customizing Permissioning and Access Rules in Jestor

In this video, I explain the importance of permissioning and access rules within Jestor and demonstrate how to customize and create new roles. I highlight the ability to include or exclude users from specific apps, tables, and features, which is crucial for large organizations. I guide viewers through the process of giving or removing powers from specific users and explain the concept of roles. No action is requested from the viewers, but the information provided is valuable for understanding and managing permissions in Jestor.

API Token Management

In this video, I explain how to manage API tokens on our platform. I show you how to create a new token, copy it for integrations, and regenerate tokens for security purposes. I also demonstrate how to rename tokens and create multiple tokens for different purposes. This video is essential for anyone who needs to work with API tokens and wants to ensure the security of their integrations.

Usage and Logs: How to Manage it

In this video, I provide a detailed overview of Jestor, a system that offers comprehensive information about all the actions taken within it. I explain how to access the tree log, which displays a record of every action, including automations, deletions, and more. I also discuss the automation log, which helps identify any issues with automation configurations. Additionally, I highlight the usage section, which allows users to monitor their plan's consumption and optimize their processes accordingly. Watch this video to gain a better understanding of Jestor's features and how to effectively manage your actions and consumption.