What is jestor?

Jestor is an easy way to build internal tools for your company. No code.

How jestor works

Jestor has 7 main structures:

  • Apps: Develop comprehensive internal tools featuring custom navigation, data utilization, and automations.
    • Super Forms
    • Smart Kanbans
    • Charts
    • Navigation
    • And more.
  • Tables: Jestor is a relational database that serves as the central repository for all your data and the foundation for the structure of all app blocks.
  • Automations: Create workflows and integrate various apps seamlessly without requiring technical expertise. Utilize our no-code and low-code capabilities to craft your solutions. Additionally, we provide Zapier automations, an open API, and webhooks for extended functionality.
  • Roles: Customize access levels for your users.
  • Download and Upload: Import or export data via spreadsheets.
  • Logs: Track record and system changes with changelog history and automation logs.
  • Chat: Create channels and centralize management of all card comments in a single location.

Getting started resources

Here are a few resources to help you get started:


Our docs won't be able to cover everything, so if you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact support through [email protected].. You can also engage in co-creation sessions with our team to assist you in building and learning more about Jestor.

Building an app from screatch

In this video, I'll demonstrate an end-to-end example using popular Jestor tools to create a basic CRM for your company. We'll focus on three main components: opportunities, companies, and clients. I'll walk you through the steps to create data and customize fields, showing you how to tailor the CRM to your needs.

What’s Next