What is jestor?

Jestor is an easy way to build internal apps for your company. No code.


How jestor works

Jestor has 3 main blocks to it:

  • Tables: it's the fundamental piece of jestor. They are in charge of organizing all your info as a relational database.
  • Dashboards: it's the built-in analytics of jestor. Once your data is connected, you can generate thousands of different graphs, indicators, calendars and other components.
  • Automations: build workflows and integrate different apps without the need of technical knowledge. You can use no-code and low-code features to create your own solutions.

Jestor is not just a relational database, it's the possibility to build any tool you need and adapt it as your company grows. It is as simple as a spreadsheet with the power of Enterprise solutions.

Getting started resources

A few resources to help you get started:

Automations and support

You can do anything using our low-code features and all popular automations with no-code. Also, jestor integrates with over 3.000+ apps via Zapier, and you can connect to other software by using webhooks and APIs as well. This way, you can build any tool with jestor.

Our docs won't be able to cover everything, so if you have any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to support through Intercom on the bottom right, and engage with the community to see what other jestor users are building and troubleshooting.

What’s Next