Organize your teams and tools across your company in a home screen-like experience

What is Jestor Workspace?

Jestor allows you to create workspaces, a more organized way of grouping up apps, tables, and pages. it’s not only easier to find what you’re looking for, but when accessing a workspace, the menu is contextually updated to facilitate navigation.

With Jestor Workspaces you can:

  • Focus your work in fewer tabs.
  • Add the same table and apps in different workspaces to avoid repeated tables.
  • Every time a new app is added to a workspace, it’s automatically added to all users.
  • use in mobile with the same desktop experience.

Notice that an app or table can be in more than one workspace at the same time. This means the same database (such as Clients) can be shared between many workspaces, eliminating a common problem many management software have of segregating data between teams.

How to create a Workspace in Jestor?

Just click on the Workspaces icon in the left menu to open the workspace panel, then you can create as many workspaces you want by clicking on the “+ New Workspace” and add as many tabs and apps you need to each workspace


After that, the workspace creation panel will open on the right side of the screen

  • Write the name of the Workspace you're creating, for example: Finance, HR, Tech team;
  • Then click on the "+ Add tab" button to select the tabs and apps that will be part of this specific workspace;
  • And click on create to finish.

How to customize Workspace in Jestor?

  • Click the edit icon on the right side of the workspace name

And then click the edit icon next to the apps and tabs name to open the icon and color options

  • Select any color with the color picker, including HEX;
  • Add icons or emojis to differentiate shortcuts for apps and tables;
  • Click on Save to finish.