Create forms to easily manage internal requests leveraging connected tables


Create forms with connected records in your App. Use 1 form instead of multiple forms, all connected.

You can use it internally to:

  • onboard new employees
  • ask for reimbursement of a client meeting
  • request discount exceptions for a client

Also, it's possible to publish it and create a public link to:

  • receive job applications
  • get orders from clients
  • collect new leads

Leverage the power of relational databases to collect data and organize it automatically.


How to create

To create a forms component:

  • Go to the app you've created and click on the "+" button or press (F) and this will open the component creation page
  • Just look for the "forms" option and click on it
  • Choose the name of your component
  • Add your forms name, description
  • Select a table and choose if you want to add connected fields


You can delete or edit by clicking on the edit option icon in the upper right corner of the app and choosing one of the options